Cutting Edge Diagnostics

Multidisciplinary approach that includes testing for underlying contributing factors to cancer such as immune dysfunction, chronic inflammation, heavy metal toxicity and infections

Advanced, innovative tests to detect cancer

Progressive diagnostic testing to monitor cancer treatment


Cancer Treatments

Comprehensive and integrative treatment protocol offered conveniently at GIO

Individualized care with you in mind, not cancer

Therapies to maintain quality of life during and after treatment

Latest treatments with chemotherapy, targeted therapies and monoclonal antibodies specifically tailored to your needs

Ongoing treatment evaluations, education and support

Therapeutic options to fight cancer on all fronts

Supportive Treatments

Targeted nutrition – intravenous as well as diet, designed to support immune function and improve energy as well as minimize treatment side effects

Stress reduction: meditation, biofeedback, yoga and music therapy

Individualized care during and after treatment

Combining science-based and mind-body therapies to improve the immune system and quality of life during and after treatments

Positive, hopeful environment for patients and families to focus on healing


Cancer Risk Reduction and Wellness Programs

Define cancer risk factors
Genetic risk assessment
Dr. Gaynor’s cancer risk reduction protocols
Nutritional mitigation of inflammation, glucose intolerance, heavy metal toxicity and other cancer risk factors

A Healing Space

Located on a tree-lined street of the Upper East Side, the GIO office promotes a relaxing environment to put you and your loved ones at ease through your cancer treatment appointments. With a personable front desk and medical staff, the soothing ambiance of Dr. Gaynor’s office is set with you in mind: aromatic, healthful teas in the waiting area; ambient lighting, aromatherapy, and music therapy in the exam and infusion rooms.


Consultation with Dr. Gaynor may be arranged by calling Gaynor Integrative Oncology at 212-472-2828.

Meditation group sessions for Dr. Gaynor’s patients are held two times per month on Wednesday evenings. Reservations are required.

To schedule, please call 212-472-2828.