• Patient Consultation

    To put you at ease we’ve created a relaxing environment in which you can openly express your fears and concerns without feeling as if you’re rushed.

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  • Nutrition & Health

    Research shows that, in particular, plant-based foods provide our bodies with the necessary nutrients it needs for cells to carry out important bodily functions.

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  • Mind Body & Spirit

    Discover how maintaining a healthy, positive attitude promotes health, not disease.

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  • Books

    Dr. Gaynor has published five books detailing various integrative approaches for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Gaynor Integrative Oncology

How We Are Unique
For nearly 30 years, Dr. Gaynor has been a pioneer in integrative oncology. Through his personalized, multidisciplinary approach to treating patients with cancer, Dr. Gaynor offers a full range of treatment options, which includes treatment for advanced-stage cancers and complex conditions—all under one roof. Because Dr. Gaynor understands cancer developed years before the first symptoms start to appear, his practice combines both proven medical treatments and complementary and alternative medicine to take aim at the underlying health problems that lead to cancer and other chronic conditions. Dr. Gaynor’s integrative approach offers patients the best in medical care so that they continue to be healthy well after they’ve been treated. At GIO, you’re not simply told what to do: Dr. Gaynor spends quality time with patients during every appointment so he can listen to their concerns, conduct a thorough history and physical examination, and provide treatment based on his assessment.

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Dr. Gaynor

Dr. Gaynor and Lisa Oz after taping segment on The Lisa Oz Show

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    Gene Response, Inc. is pleased to announce its new blog, genechanger.com, and its

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